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Huawei has sold more than 9 million Huawei P9’s – more than 1 million a month since launch

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Huawei has announced a bit of a milestone with its 2016 flagship phone now having sold more than 9 million units; that’s more than a million units per month since the launch earlier this year. Huawei’s P9 has evidently sold rather well in the markets that it was launched in, even though it didn’t launch in the larger US market.

Frankly, this news comes as little surprise to us; when I went hands on with Huawei’s P9 earlier this year, and in our review, we found it was an incredibly capable phone and one that is easy to recommend to smartphone consumers looking for a powerful and yet affordable handset. The dual-camera system was (and remains) capable of producing incredibly detailed, dramatic photos, and the design is quite something else in a year where we’ve seen pretty bland mobile design.

Being almost eight months old now, though, Huawei’s P9 will face some stiff competition from newer handsets, including its stablemate the Huawei Mate 9, but as an affordable handset — you can find it for $699 from JB HiFi for example — it’s hard not to recommend it as the best phone under $800.

As mobiles go, the Huawei P9 could well have been one of the best (if not the best) phone launched this year, and the great sales are entirely appropriate.


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Valued Guest

Premium phone with a budget price.

Iain Simmons
Valued Guest

I don’t know if I’d go as far as calling $700 a budget price, but yes, pretty good value.

Valued Guest

Well, it’s almost as half price as top tier mobile phones such as Pixel, iPhone and Galaxy phones.


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