Android Pay Australia

Finally, Westpac seems to be entering the final preparations to launch Android Pay support for their customers. That’s right it looks like Westpac’s perpetual ‘coming soon’ may have actually arrived. I’m not sure I’d call almost 6 months soon but let’s not split hairs.

Our sources are telling us that Westpac is now ready to proceed with Android Pay, and that it may even launch before the end of 2016. At launch, Westpac will support both credit cards and debit cards.

Westpac was one of the banks originally announced as being on board for the launch of Android Pay in Australia. Then when the list of launch bands was announced Westpac was missing from that list.

Shortly after Westpac, along with a cabal of other banks, approached the ACCC to request permission to collectively boycott and bargain with Apple, Google and Samsung about mobile payments. Long story short, that banks are now refocusing their efforts at Apple, which makes a lot more sense.

Once launched this will make Westpac the second major bank to put aside their quest for domination of their own platform and adopt a consumer friendly attitude towards open mobile payment systems. Time will tell us if the rest of Australia’s draconian banks fall into line, CBA and NAB, the ball is in your court.

Remember in 2016, it’s easy to switch credit card providers with there being little to no real difference between providers these days.

Are you a Westpac customer? Have you been waiting for Android Pay? Let us know below.

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Davide Sartoris

Westpac says they do on their website now and everything, but it STILL only works for Samsungs. Just bought an HTC 10 and it doesn’t work anywhere, despite the App saying the card is verified through Westpac.


I’m a westpac customer for 17 years, it has been slow, I like their mobile banking app, but ever since ANZ started supporting Android pay I’ve wanted to switch. Westpac only supported iphones and samdungs.
I use Japanese keitais which has have NFC payment system for a years and years already.

Fiddle Castro

I want it. And I want it now!


end of 2016!!??.. remember its a bank talking here… end of 2016 financial year more like.
Come on Westpac give us an early Christmas present


we have a measure of faith they are at least trying to get it our soon, unless they hit technological issue we’d expect it to be out for Xmas.

Daniel Johns

You have no idea I have been waiting for this omfg. This made my day


CBA and NAB are left


Though why would they rather than continuing to develop their own apps, which at least in the case of NAB, seems to work just as well.

Jamie S

Well IMO, Android pay with ANZ is a lot better and reliable than NABs solution and gives you much more information about the transaction in real time rather than having to check your credit card account by logging into the NAB banking App. The other thing is Android Pay in the standard form of contactless payment for Android devices so Banks should give customers the choice to us what they want, not what the bank thinks we want. If NAB don’t start Android Pay soon I’ll probably ditch them and stick with ANZ

Paul Smedley

I’ve used both Commbank Tap and Pay; and Android Pay with an ANZ card.

Having used Android Pay, I’d never use the Commbank solution again.

Commbank = unlock phone, load tap and pay, enter pin, tap terminal
Android Pay = wake up screen, tap terminal – use fingerprint if over $100


Paul is correct, it’s simply awesome! I struggled through using CBA app for the entire time it existed, Android Pay is simply better, and it’s tokinised, CBA is not.

Gregory Eden

Westpac Debit Cards are Mastercards not VISA.


Right you are. Our source had some incorrect info from the bank.


About bloody time, but as always with these things, I’ll believe it when I see it.


Yay – Westpac customer here. Happy for this.

Dean Rosolen

Switching credit card providers is one thing. Switching bank accounts is another.

Hopefully St George won’t be too far behind.


indeed, same parent company so you could be in luck, it they use the same underlying technology then it could go live at the same time as different preparations won’t be needed.