Unlimited power, Darth Sidious apparently had it, we’d all like it on our phones, and with this 12,000mAh power bank from Aldi, you’d be close to achieving it! We missed this last week in our weekly junk mail trawl and the deal expires Tuesday 15 November, so if you want it hurry in and try your luck Aldi’s stock is hit and miss at best.

The $24.99 device has 3 USB A ports, 1 x 2.1 amp & 2 x 1 amp outlets. That will let you charge up to 2 devices, and with 12,000 mAh capacity, you’ll get around 3 charges (remember you lose power during charging to various losses) for most devices on the market.

Aldi may not be the purveyor of great quality products but the power bank does come with a 1 year warranty. If you want power on the go why not take a look at grabbing one of these.

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    I got one of these.. so far so good!!

    Simon Adam

    i rather just spend more and get a xiaomi 20,000 mah battery pack off ebay for $50 shipped
    dual usb ports with 2amp outputs on both


    Can buy a 30,000 mah charger online for 30 bucks .i bought one it’s brilliant charges four iPhones ,and still plenty of juice left over

    Huge Jackman

    Whenever you throw a comment up like that it’s kinda good etiquette to include a link, or even some general information to point people in the right direction.


    a store reference is good, a URL will get auto-blocked by Disqus, we can’t stop that


    You could go to disqus -> admin -> settings -> community, and then uncheck:

    “Links in Comments:
    Comments containing links must be approved before they are published.”



    ok we can, but I doubt we want to, that stops 99% of the bot spam


    The reason we’ve not changed that setting is that it stops a ridiculous amount of spam being posted on Ausdroid’s comments. We do, however, need to review pending comments more frequently.

    Gray Fox

    Is this 30,000 Chinese mAh?
    Like the ones you find on ebay but end up being 1,800mah