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Google has announced this evening what it is calling the ‘new Google Play Music’. So what’s new? Firstly from the limited screenshots we’ve seen with the announcement at least part of the app has been redesign with a bold mix of Material Design and hero images on a new homepage, and of course, what updated Google service would be complete without some Machine Learning thrown in.


The new service is apparently  ‘smarter, easier to use, and much more assistive’, all thanks to Google’s blend of Machine Learning and ‘hand picked’ (we’re assuming these are human hands) music. The service seems to be an extension of the existing “play music for” section of Google Play Music all access, offering an enhanced curation experience from the original.

The Machine Learning will learn what music you like and then mix that in with other ‘signals’ including location, activity, and the weather. This ‘machine profile’ will then apparent be matched against the curated playlists to give you an enhanced auto-curated playlist.

The new service will commence rolling out this week to Android, iOS and web users ‘globally’ (62 different countries, the other countries must be on the flat bit of the earth!). For those who are worried about Google marrying user data, Machine Learning and their music preferences, the new service seems to be ‘opt-in’ so if you don’t want some robot choosing your tunes you don’t have too.

Google are also introducing what looks to be an auto caching offline playlist based on your recent listening habits. It looks like this will be an ever-changing dynamic list of music that will continually change to ensure that even when you’re offline your music will still be there ready to go.

We don’t know what’s more exciting, the prospect of an improved Google Play Music experience of the fact that it didn’t leak beforehand and we get to enjoy the news. We’ll obviously be trying to get out hands on the new music app and run it through its paces.

Let us know if you like the sound of Googles part man part Machine (learning) music curation service.

Source: Google.
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I assume this is as much a server side switch as it is the new apk?

Still not seeing the updated UI… 🙁


Looks interesting…But not sure about some recommendations (rap in the morning?)
Should pick that I like some power metal on the way to work, maybe a bit of folk metal at work, and death metal on the way home 🙂 wish you could exclude genres!

David Anderton

Wondering why my comment had been blocked?


Hey David, we have nothing pending moderation? Try reposting the comment.

David Anderton

Strange it shows on the Disqus page as awaiting moderation. I was just saying that Google music have stuffeded up my last order(the songs on the server are corrupted for everybody) and even after a month of complaints from myself and others they sail haven’t fixed the songs. Apple and Amazon both also had the same songs corrupted on release but fixed then after a couple of days. After this failure of customer service I’m not buying music from Google again.


Hopefully the “new releases” section is smarter now; it completely left off a new album from a popular Canadian band last week, and should have at least recognised from the massive amounts of plays their previous albums have gotten on my account, to include it.

Funnily enough, Google Now *did* let me know the album was out, but Play Music didn’t have it in new releases, had to search for it.


That part where you said I can opt in to cancel the recommendation is what I’m looking forward to. That machine isn’t learning from my listening behaviour at all.

Robert Bray

Are you liking? Or just listening?

If just listening, less so (As someone with a three year old whose account plays a *lot* of Disney songs, I’m grateful for this)

For liking, weird. My auto list produces long reams of gold.


I only listen, never hit like. None of us in our family account hits like and we always only listen to metal. But it’s very lazy in recommending metal or showing up new metal releases. That mood thing is never us. We’re always in a good mood to listen to some really good heavy metal.

Robert Bray

That might be the problem.

Start hitting like (Thumbs up, whatever) on the good stuff. This is how it learns. It’s not going off your listening habits (actually, it does sometimes. I’ve almost had an accident when I couldn’t stand listening to random disney while driving, but that’s random)

Jared Geuther

If the free version still puts ads in-between songs i have on the device i still won’t use it. I can see if I’m streaming radio or listening to a channel or accessing a separate library, but ads on songs I own are ridiculous. i prefer plex as It has no ads and I can set it up how i like it.

Robert Bray

If you’re streaming them (IE: Have uploaded them and are playing), that still takes resources on their end.


Amused I get it on my iOS device first.

Seems alright. Or at least it’s an improvement, though still a ways behind the Apple Music main screen.

Still wish it surfaced playlists much better like Spotify does. And I still wish they improved the limited number of genres they surface in areas like the ‘favourite genres’ configuration for improving reccomendations.

David Jacka

Just got it on the iPhone tonight


Two things:

1) Does it make it easier to play my music, from my servers, without mucking about? If not, it’s not addressing the elephant in the room. I’m not really interested in gifting google $10 a month for the rest of my life.

2) Oh joy, even more whitespace filled with images. Two options on that phablet screen, such great design…

Phillip Molly Malone

From your servers? Sounds like you want Plex. You can upload your own MP3’s and use that. Worked great for a while for me but when it was $17 (about) for:
a) 6 family accounts
b) Huge music library
c) YouTube Red – No ads on Youtube, Background play, Offline viewing,Music videos/YT Music

Its just a no brainer for me! My kids love it. Both love their music and one is a YouTube addicted and before we go anywhere builds up his offline videos to get his hourly fix! 😉

Phillip Molly Malone

FYI. Just went to the Web version and already getting the new version. There is an option in the setting where you can pick Genres and artists you like to help out the the recommendations.

Alfredo Hernández

Could you share some screenshots?


Still waiting for podcasts to come to gmusic in Aus :'(


indeed! And for out podcasts to be allowed in!

Phillip Molly Malone

As Google Music/YouTube Red Family account holder, this sound very cool! Can’t wait to check it out. Have been using the “Mood” Based stations lately and many of them are quite good!

Wonder if it will also include better integration with the Google Assistant and hence, Home?