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I’ve said it once this year and I’ll say it again: 2016 is a very Pixelly year and you would think any company would love to be associated with it. The Google Pixel phones were made by HTC, but there has been many rumours regarding Huawei and their refusal to build the Pixels. A Huawei executive has now gone on the record stating that Huawei did in fact turn down the opportunity to build the best Android smartphone ever.

Colin Giles, Vice President of the Consumer Business Group, maker of all Huawei smartphones spoke to German site WinFuture about the Huawei decision. He explained that Huawei did not want to act as a contractor but would rather continue to build their own brand/name. We know that the actual manufacturer of the device is noted nowhere at all on the Pixels and this is what Huawei had an issue with. For this reason Huawei did not enter into any sort of contract with Google to make the Pixel phones.


Giles went on to say that Google will eventually establish themselves as an independent supplier in the marketplace, but for some reason he did not see them as direct competition. There was no comment on any future collaborations but it seems unlikely given Huawei’s understandable stance on their branding and Google’s desire to be seen as the hardware manufacturer of their devices.

To me it makes sense that Huawei turned down Google. Huawei do not need Google. They sell a LOT of phones worldwide and they continue to make high quality hardware devices. In the end the result turned out well for all involved with the Pixel widely acclaimed as the best Android device around and by some to be the best smartphone experience full stop.

Source: WinFuture.
Via: Droid-Life.
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HTC over the next few years will have a low to mid brand strategy and they will manufacture highend phones for Google – that’s right folks you read it here first 😉

Joking aside it would be a great thing to do – HTC build quality and attention to detail on the hardware- pure Android integrated from the design stage.


I was all ready to buy the Pixel XL. Then I saw an Ad for a new 128Gb 6P for $600. Just couldn’t convince myself to pony up that much extra money.

Would be interesting to see what the current sales of the Pixel XL Vs the 6P are.


Yep, I did the same thing. I know it’s a year old device, but it’s more than adequate for what I need a phone for, and an absolute bargain at the price.

Max Luong

I’m glad that this turned out to be. Huawei doesn’t need it, but HTC could certainly use the boost. I love the build quality and in-hand feel of HTC phones as well, so I think everyone won out of this.


All because of Huawei, otherwise we would not see the poor quality Pixel phones made by HTC.

Jamie S

Well I’ve owned both I think the build quality of HTC is far superior to the 6P. The metal sides of the 6P were as soft as butter and the screen was almost impossible to see outside. I’m enjoying my experience on the Pixel a lot more.


I was reading in anandtech review of the pixel and it’s put me off getting one right now and pushed me more towards the 6P. They basically sum it up as being just a middle of the pack phone compared to other flagships even regressing from the 6P in some tests.

Jamie S

Well I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but the SD821 is far superior to the SD10 and the overall fluidity of the experience is like night and day. Sure some may say the Pixels are overpriced but it’s the best phone I’ve ever had period


i agree. i still have both. Pixel XL is far and away better than 6P and IMO 6P was the best android phone. Its a phone you have to use to see how good it is.
Check out MKBHD


I own both. I loved the 6P for the 12 months I used it, but the Pixel XL feels better in hand (nicer size), way better camera (mostly for speed and video) and better battery life/processor. Other than price can’t fault Pixel over 6P


See the flaw Pixel has which happen on htc 10 as well.


Poor quality? What are you talking about? Mine has been flawless. The build quality is great. It’s solid and feels good in the hand? Chalk it down to the first batches and not just bagging out HTC.


See the flaw Pixel has which happen on htc 10 as well. Wow, since it’s really as you said, htc phone should surpass iPhone.


No, i never said it surpasses the iPhone. All i said was mine has been flawless. No misaligned camera and weird gaps. I didn’t use a blanket term to label all phones made by HTC to be of poor quality. But whatever, it’s not like you own one.