It’s no secret that we are / I am a bit of a fan of the impending AsusZen Watch 3. Not only is it an exciting device in its own right, but it’s also one of the only Android Wear devices from an existing Android OEM. We were fairly excited to see Asus Australia tease, and then announce the device for release on November 25th rather than Q1 2017.

Today we spotted that the device has now been added to the Asus Australia Website, along with a pre-order button. If you’re wanting to grab a ZenWatch 3 in Australia this seems to be your only official way to do so thus far. You can grab one for $449 plus $6.33 shipping and handling, for a total price of $455.33, it’s down as shipping within 6 days so we’re not clear if that’s 6 days from the 25th or if they will send it on its way a little sooner.


Unfortunately, Australia is only getting the Gunmetal Grey version, we know the Silver and Rose Gold version will not be headed our way, at least for the foreseeable future. Additionally we have confirmed that the battery module Asus announced at the launch event will also not be coming this way. The last thing we’re not getting, at least for now, is any after market watch bands, we know there is at least a rubber version on the way from Asus.

Source: Asus.
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    Phill Edwards

    My son goes to USA on holiday soon. If he buys one there and brings it back does that mean no warranty here? Same question re Samsung Gear S3?


    Asus talk about an international warranty, though maybe not on the same terms as the local. In general if it works for the first 20 hours, it will probably keep working. You are more likely to smash it against a doorframe.

    So if you buy one on holiday, make sure to use it a bit to ensure you are over the initial bathtub failures.

    Phill Edwards

    I did an online chat with Samsung Support and they advised me that warranty repairs can only be done in the country of purchase. So I would have to send it to the USA. And then to complicate matters, they would only send it back to a USA address so I’d have to know someone there with an address to receive it back, who would then have to send it back to me. It all sounds too hard. Shame 🙁


    Ouch..was hoping for something closer to 350.


    Importing from the US cost AU$348.89 all up (as reported here earlier). The official Aus price is AU$455, over $100 more. For it to go direct rather than once round the globe.

    Seriously, we need a tax on company shafting.


    How come it cost more in Australia ?
    Their retail price in Singapore only S$369

    Jamie S

    That my friend is the Australia Tax and a bit of shafting