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Alongside their announcement of their new photo scanning app, the aptly named PhotoScan, Google has also released three new photo editing tools into Google Photos. When the new update hits over the next few days you’ll get a new filter interface with an enhanced auto-enhance feature, 12 preset filters and Advanced colour and light editing tools.

The auto-enhance feature will automatically give your photos that “pro edited” look and feel by balancing exposure and saturation to bring out the details. The new filter interface will apparently take style to the next level. I have to admit I’m not much of a filter guy, I’m more of a point, shoot, store and never look at again kind of photographer, but if you like filters it’s good to know Google’s got you covered, and of course they are powered by Machine Learning!


The final string to Google Photos new features is enhanced colour and brightness controls. The new interface gives you the ability to adjust Exposure, Contrast, Whites, Highlights and shadows. These tools are definitely not for the faint of heart, while I may play with them a little I doubt I’ll be jumping into these settings often.

If you’re an avid photo person or a filter junky then these new tools may just be handy. The undated should start to roll out today, but if you simply have to have the latest I’m sure you know where to go to find it.

Source: Google.
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Nice! Good to see Google moving photos forward in this area.