At the Made by Google event in San Fransisco earlier this year, Google took the wraps of several new products, among them was a very exciting WiFi mesh router system called Google WiFi. The small-ish cylindrical devices can be used separately as a single WiFi network or grouped together to form a single mesh network, we got our first look at Google WiFi set-up yesterday.

As of today, the product can be ‘pre-ordered’ from the USA Google Play Store, Amazon, Best Buys,and Walmart. The single pack costs $129 ($170) and the 3 pack comes in at $299 ($400) USD. Unfortunately, there is still not hint that the Google WiFi will ever come to Australia (or anywhere else), let alone just how much it will cost if it did.

If like me you crave some Google-powered WiFI goodness then there is a small glimmer of hope, firstly on the official mini-site for the WiFi Google actually has the ability to register your interest in the device, however it allows you to select your country, this may well be used to determine the next markets it’s launched in, so I urge you all to go and sign up for updates!

Check out the pre-order video below.

The advantage of a mesh WiFi network is it provides you with the appearance of a single network but has multiple access point spread out across your house. This allows you to only have one network but get great coverage around even in larger homes . Google is also promising smart routeing, traffic management and access point changeovers ensuring that at all times all devices on your network are connecting to the optimum WiFi access points.

The multi-device mesh router category is becoming very popular with devices like the eero being very popular, but somewhat more expensive than Google’s new offering.

Are you interested in getting a Google WiFi? To be honest I think I’ll be importing a set ASAP, considering the cost of Google Hardware in Australia has mainly been more than the US price + shipping + currency conversion there’s only the warranty issue to worry about with a grey import, fingers crossed. Unfortunatly, even finally having a great WiFi network at home won’t do anything about Australia’s horrid internet speeds, good job there, NBN Co.

Source: Google.
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Am curious, but expect it will be crippled feature wise like the onHub was.


While i really don’t need Google in my home. The price $299USD, even with shipping from the states is very cheap for what it is. The closest product is from Netgear that is going to be out soon. Comes in at $700 bucks for two units…ouch.

Street Performer

Does anybody know how this is an improvement over, say, using a wifi power line adapter and cloning the SSID and password? Wouldn’t that do essentially the same thing as Google WiFi but potentially with lower latency and higher bandwidth? A mesh network seems, to my admittedly uninformed mind, to be essentially the same thing as wifi range extenders.


Totally, totally down for this. Can’t wait. It was one of the most exciting announcements at Google’s recent hardware event. Let us all know how you go with importing, Duncan. I might end up doing the same!

Yianni soc

I’m keen in importing too. Group buy?
May as well get a google home while we’re at it.
It’s nearly Christmas after all.


Let’s talk!

Simon Gascoigne

I just ordered one from Amazon.. a reasonale 10 bucks for shipping.. can’t complain!

Bruno Szajer

Hi Simon, how did you go setting up Google Wifi? I just want to make sure it works in Australia before ordering.

Simon Gascoigne

No problems, works well!