We take online security very seriously here at Ausdroid, and being safe and secure online requires a little effort on your behalf. We’ve even put together a comprehensive guide on how to be safe online (which you can read here). To make it simple, you can get 90% the way there with a good password manager (psst, most of the features in LastPass are now free), and two-factor authentication. Google introduced a new simpler 2FA process for Google accounts giving you push notifications to your device/s to authenticate a new login from an unrecognised device.

According to a few tipsters over at Android Police, it looks as if these notifications are now showing up on some users Android Wear devices. Chris has seen this as well. I gave this a go and it wasn’t working for me but hopefully, it’s coming. Getting a sign-in notification on your wrist would just make 2FA another step easier again, and that in turn might get more people securing their accounts.

If you haven’t set up 2FA on your Google accounts, you should give it some serious consideration. Go here, and set it up. If you have set it up and you notice a 2FA notification on your Wear devices, then try and grab a photo or a screenshot and shoot it over to us.

Source: Android Police.
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Been working for me for last few weeks, but it’s buggy. If you approve on your phone, it doesn’t disappear from the watch unless you approve it again. An error then appears on the watch.


Had the exact same experience.

Paul Smedley

worked ok for me this morning,,, sorry Duncan, wasn’t able to get a photo/screenshot 🙁


no problems mate!


If you want a screenshot, just open Chrome in incognito, and log into your account. You will then be forced to do a 2FA.