According to our sources within JB HiFi, the Chromecast Ultra from Google is also coming to the big yellow store. This confirmation comes after the Chromecast Ultra was spotted in Officeworks’ internal systems last week, and tells us that an Australian release can’t be far away.

Noted in JB’s internal system with SKU 314401, and priced at $99, we’re all but confirmed that the Chromecast Ultra will be in Australia very soon, with confirmation that JB has significant pre-orders for stock to arrive at stores “soon”.

We don’t know a lot more than this, and there probably isn’t a lot more to say. We have heard that some Officeworks stores have started selling stock early, but this is very much an ad-hoc arrangement, and we doubt that it will be happening broadly across their retail network.

With two stores confirmed, and pricing and even SKUs showing up, it can’t be long until Google’s new 4K streaming Chromecast arrives here. Are you excited to get your hands on one?


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Went to Officeworks in South Yarra on the weekend and the guy there said he has a box of them in their storeroom but they’re marked ‘Do not sell until 24th November’.
Betting on a Thursday release date across the board.
Interested to see if they can cope with high-bitrate 1080p x264 as well as HEVC/x265 (natively, not with Plex transcoding)
Current Chromecast 2 chokes on these types of files.

Reuben Farrelly

Same here. Went to Officeworks Hunter St after seeing on their website that they had stock there, but the guy refused to sell me one because “Google had told them not to sell until tomorrow”. Pretty bad form to advertise that you have stock available now but then refuse to sell it when people turn up to buy.