Google’s announced their home mesh WiFi device the Google WiFi alongside the Pixel at their Made by Google event in San Fransisco, and since then we’ve seen some how to videos and the device go up for pre-order in the USA.

Now Google has engaged independent technical product evaluation company Allison USA to pitch the Google WiFi against the dominant Mesh network routers on the market, the Eero and the Luma. Allison fitted out one of their testing houses (yes they have a 5 bedroom family home just to test products) with 2 of each of the devices and conducted an array of network speed tests.


The end result? Google’s WiFi outperformed the other 2 mesh networks in all of the locations tested, or at least reported, in the house. Obviously the results were best when the testing device was closest to the WiFi point that was hardwired into the network and slowest and the point furthest away from a connection with the WiFi device operating with a WiFi connection back to that original unit.

Obviously, you can improve the network speed by running Gigabit cabling to all access points, however for the purposes of these test results, that Google has released, it looks like the Google WiFi is going to be a great WiFi router. Of course, we must be a little skeptical of these results; while we don’t doubt Allision USA’s integrity, when a similar test is conducted, and it now will be, after the product launches expect to see varying results, claims of rigging and all of the standard stuff the internet goes on with.

The takeaway shouldn’t be the Google WiFi is necessarily universally better than these other options, rather than it is a definite competitor and should definitely be considered if you’re wanting a new WiFi router, mesh or otherwise.

Source: Google.
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Fiddle Castro

Yep, just like how the Google Pixel has the best smartphone camera … oh, we forgot to mention the halo effect, even when taking pics aimed nowhere near the sun.


Just made me remember. Nexus phones always have ONE thing wrong. One thing! Halo is the one thing in the Pixel.

I don’t know how bad it really is but it made me laugh to think of it this way.