It looks like Moto gets to claim ‘first’ again. Sure they may not be the first device OEM to be releasing Android 7.0 onto their hardware (they are definitely still leading the way, though), however, they will be the first non-Pixel device to receive Daydream recognition and be fully compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform.

If you were on the fence about the Moto Z following Scott’s excellent review, perhaps an upgrade to Android 7.0 and Daydream support may just push you over the edge. There is no doubt that the Moto Z is an excellent device, and I wish I’d been able to spend a few weeks with one.

Specific dates for the Australian release haven’t been announced, however, Lenovo has announced that this will be a global rollout, so we should be getting it as we live on that globe. If you want to check when your Australian Moto Z might get the update you can check here, however, as of the time of publishing this is what you’ll find:


Now all Moto has to do is keep up-to-date, or even semi-regularly up-to-date with the Android Security patches and I’d say they just kept their position as one of the most important Android OEMs. The update is set to start rolling out “this week”, somewhere.

Source: Moto.
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bob whatshisname

Overseas they get the Moto G4 with 3 and 4 gb ram. We get 2gb model. Moto z Play is not certified for daydream but the Moto z and Moto z force is. The Moto z force has the bigger battery, shatter proof screen and far better camera but is not available in Australia. I am really disappointed that Australia is only being offered second best. The Moto z is a fantastic phone but would buy the Moto z force over it without hesitation.


Got the play myself.
Dual SIM plus memory card and awesome battery with pretty much stock Android
Everything I need in a mobile for work/business.

Getting it for $465 with the Harvey cashback made the deal even sweeter


I imagine this won’t cover the Play as well, with the lesser screen and processor. I’d still opt for the Play as a phone over the Z though anyway; Daydream isn’t enough of an incentive to choose the Z over it, considering the amount of time one spends with the phone as a phone and the amount of time one would spend with the phone as a Daydream machine. I’d say the Play Nougat update won’t be too much further away than the Z one, maybe a bit delayed seeing the Z was out much before the Play int he… Read more »

Adam J

As someone who bought a Play, I’ve obviously read a lot about it on forums, etc. I did check that the Play was on the upgrade list before I bought it, and that was a purchasing factor (more so for the app switching feature and further Doze enhancements).

From the various discussions I get the feeling that the Play may actually be selling better than the Z within Australia. I’m looking forward to the Nougat update as it’s the only device in our house without it yet!


Yeah, there’s no way it won’t be getting Nougat :).

It was more the Daydream certification I was curious about; and I doubt it will. Just the Z and the US-only Z Force by the sounds of it.

Not a huge loss though, it all still a feels a bit like a novelty to me for now. Give it another year or two of maturation and I’ll be interested then.