Living outside of the USA is something I am mostly very happy about, but that all changes when a new toy is released and I can’t easily get my hands on it, then I go through a very large bout of continent envy. Luckily, to help with such anger, we have the services of companies like B&H who are quickly becoming a go to place for Australians wanting to import their tech.

If you’re wanting to grab a Google Home you can get one delivered to your door for around $207 AUD, and they are in stock ready for shipping now.


If adding a Google WiFi is on your list, B&H have them listed for preorder with limited availability. The WiFi’s will set you back $201 and $462 AUD for the single and triple packs respectively.



What’s appealing about B&H is they are selling these for the listed US RRP for the devices, no skimming or price gouging. Additionally, because they’ll ship direct you’re not paying re-shipping fees on top of the US domestic shipping rate, just one lot of shipping direct to you down under — B&H just send it right to your door. Additionally, the total cost is typically less than what you’ll end up paying in Australia.

Of course, even grey imports from a reputable dealer can cause headaches if you have service or warranty issues. We’ve heard from our community that some of you have already ordered a Home and it’s on it way! Exciting times.

Let us know if you end up ordering one.

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B&H have cut the $30 from the price, so it’s now AU$167 delivered, for a short while.


Sold out

Jamie S

I guess the question for me is, do I want another Google Home? The answer; NO, I want several more for various rooms in the house. These things are fantastic for kids. My kids can just say Hey Google and ask it to play whatever music they want to listen to without needing an actual phone or tablet. My eldest daughter even managed to use a voice command to cast to my home group of two speakers after listening to me do it. I guess I’ll wait until they are officially available here before I get another one but these… Read more »

Yianni soc

So you can all listen to different things through the various home speakers? That’s awesome. Just fixed my wiggles vs Metallica issues around my home!

Jamie S

Yup, it appears you can cast different music to each speaker using the same Google Play music app from one device or use multiple apps like, play music, YouTube music, Pandora etc to manually cast to each speaker with the Home app. It’s starts to get a bit confusing if you think about it too much with the possibilities including the ability to create various speaker groups using the Google Home, Chromecast Audio and other cast enabled speakers. It’s by far the most versatile and best piece of technology at this price I’ve ever purchased and I can see the… Read more »

Yianni soc

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve been looking for a solution to play different music to different parts of the house. Sounds like Google home is the way to go.
Not long till my 4 year old masters: “hey Google, play wiggles”.


I do want a Google Home, but I’m happy to wait until it is here legitimately.

it’s good to see there is a company doing this without the need for a reshipping service in between; not that I’ve ever heard of this “B&H” or how reliable they are etc.

I’ve heard recently also about Australia Post looking into setting up special boxes in America that Aussies can ship to also, but that’s all a bit different to this. Just interesting.

Yianni soc

I’ve used B&H before a few times.
They’re quick to ship and reliable for me. I get it delivered to work as I generally get DHL Shipping and they need a signature and someone home.


And Google just announced a 30$ discount on home for Black Friday. Right after my home shipped from google *grumble*


Hands up who thinks that $99 price is going to end up permanent?

I’d expect an answer to the Echo Dot at around the $50 mark before too long too. Either as a quasi Chromecast Audio replacement, or Chromecast v3.


That would seem not very useful being hidden behind TVs or stereos. Reminds me of the people wanting that functionality in the AppleTV. Seemed not very useful as you need it hooked to a TV.

Though I guess you could say the same about the dot.


Who said it would be behind the TV? You can put a longer HDMI lead on it.

However it is sensible, so no telling if they will do it. They do need an answer to the Dot though.

Shakeel Ali

Luckily my sister just went on a trip to Hawaii, so i’ve managed to get one a little cheaper!

Adrian Mace

What WiFi channels overlap between the two countries? I know DFS may not work on the 5GHz band?

Dean Rosolen

You’ll still need an Aus power point adapter so that can add to the cost of buying Google Home or Google Wi-Fi.


you can get them for less than a dollar each with free shipping from places like aliexpress, or just just the dozens of power adaptors most of us have lying around, either way it shouldn’t add too much onto the cost.

Max Luong

Because I buy so many devices from overseas, all the powerboards that I buy these days are unviersal socket ones.

Xiaomi make one that’s really nice.