Thursday , June 7 2018

Google to rebrand Google Cast as Chromecast built in

Google Cast

First, there was Chromecast, then we got a re-brand to Google Cast, now Google is apparently going to re-brand the Google Cast ecosystem to Chromecast built in. Let’s take a quick look at that history of Cast.

When it was originally launched it was simple, we have a device, an app and a protocol and they were all called Chromecast, it was a simple time. Following this Google worked with partners to integrate Cast into 3rd party speakers, now we had the Google Chromecast device, Chromecast the app and protocol and it was a little less simple time.

Google then re-branded 3rd party device integration of the Chromecast protocol and later the app as Google Cast, this worked for me, mostly. A Chromecast was a Google Device and a protocol, and Google Cast was the app and 3rd party integrations. Then We got Google Home, and Google changed the app name to Google Home.

So now we have Chromecast the device and the protocol, Google Home the device (with Chromecasting built in) and the app and Google Cast the 3rd party platform. Now we’re getting confusing. I wonder if Google may have been better off just going with ‘Cast’ as the overall brand and own that namespace. Either way, it looks like we’re moving into the era of Chromecast built in, which at least gets rid of one of the brands.

If you now go to Google’s Casts landing page you’ll see a reference to Chromecast built in, additionally Google has changed their twitter handle from @GoogleCast to @Chromecast. In the end, a Cast by any other name will still stream so easily or something like that.

What brand do you think Google should adopt for Cast? Let us know below.

Source: 9to5Google.

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Ausdroid Reader

They’re insane!

Valued Guest

Was having this exact discussion with a colleague today. Google just plain suck at branding.

Valued Guest

Can’t disagree

Ausdroid Reader

Cast Inside

Valued Guest

I read that as Cat inside, lol

Phill Edwards
Valued Guest
Phill Edwards

I think they should just go with a brand name that doesn’t change every month!

Ausdroid Reader

Yeah this. Cast was fine.

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