Play Movies is an awesome place to shop for bargains and if you keep your eyes out on a regular basis, adding promo codes to already discounted movie bundles can prove advantageous financially. As part of the Cyber Deals associated with Thanksgiving in the USA you can pick up movies for half price on Play Movies.

Use the Promo Code: CYBERDEALMOVIES2016 at checkout

This will work not only for single titles, but if you’ve been eyeing off any of the movie collections that are on offer now is the time to strike.

One of many examples: Harry Potter Movie Collection (SD Prices)
Normal Price: AU$103.92
Current Discounted: AU$76.95
50% Discount applied: AU$38.46

It’s always worth looking at your movie collection and using the discounts on the Play Store, so get exploring.

What will you pick up with your 50% discount?

Source: Play Store.