At first, many of us thought that wake on voice commands were a gimmick but more and more I find myself using them. Chromebooks have had an “OK Google” command option for a while now for searches but that has only been with the display already on. New commits to Chrome OS suggest that “Wake on Voice” support has been added for the “Gru” baseboard via the digital signal processor.

In yet more information compelling me to purchase a Samsung Chromebook Pro, the “Gru” is its backbone. Thus the Samsung Chromebook Pro, if it ever arrives after months of painful, drool-worthy teasing, will most likely support a wake on voice command which is most likely to be “OK Google” according to a second commit to Chrome OS. We would expect Google to extend this “Wake on Voice” to other Chromebooks down the line.

With the Android Framework now a part of Chrome OS we may see Google extend their Google Assistant to another line of products, especially Chromebooks. Google have always said that the more people that use Google Assistant the better it will get and this would be yet another way to get more people to use Google Assistant. It seems the next line of products that Google would roll Google Assistant out to should be the Chromebook with many of us spending so much time on them.

With the Samsung Chromebook Pro being possibly the first to get this it is getting harder and harder to come up with reasons to NOT purchase one, even with it unlikely to be sold in Australia. How about you? Anyone else want one? Can you see yourself using this function?

Source: Chrome Unboxed.
Via: 9to5 Google.
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Luke Taylor

I’ve been awaiting news about this device every single day! I’m so looking forward to its release, and if it reviews well enough, I’ll get it imported if I have to.

Tango India Mike

Yes Scott I want one for Christmas! Release these already please Samsung!