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It’s official, after working with Google to bring Android Pay to their customers Bankwest has officially announced the service is live as of today! An eagle-eyed reader Tim was the first to bring this to our attention, and we’ve subsequently confirmed it with Bankwest and Android Pay.

If you’re a Bankwest customer with any Bankwest MasterCard debit or credit card you should be able to add the cards to the Android Pay app now. If you haven’t tried Android Pay and you’ve got one of these cards I highly recommend you do.


If your bank doesn’t support Android Pay and you want to try it it’s very easy to switch credit card providers if nothing else, most of the team here have done it and it was simple. Bank West is now the 44th Australian financial institution to adopt Android Pay so there’s plenty of choice now.

Google Pay
Google Pay
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Let us know if you give the Bank West app a go!

Source: BankwestAndroid Pay.
Thanks: Tim!.
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Working for me now with all my BW cards.

Nate Brierley

Just figured mine out, it was using my Google account name (“Nate”) instead of Nathan which is the name on my cards. All sorted now!

Nate Brierley

Hmmm…. I’m having trouble adding both of my Bankwest Mastercards… Both give an error saying the card cannot be added. My AMEX-issued AMEX works fine. Any suggestions?


I just thoroughly checked this yesterday and when I found Bankwest was still not on the list (and no indication that it will be) I was thoroughly disappointed. I’m so delightfully surprised by this! Whoooohooooo!

Michael Loader

Isn’t BankWest owned by The CommBank? I am slightly surprised that BankWest has launched AndroidPay. I thought the Commbank was dead against all mobile wallets, except their own. Are they using BankWest to test the waters?


I hope so. I’d much prefer AndroidPay over the CBA app any day