Commonwealth Bank may be behind the times with implementing Android Pay considering that they have dropped their official complaint against the service, however, they have at least added fingerprint to unlock to this app, sort of.

Once you’ve turned on fingerprint to unlock, which isn’t promoted you’ll need to go to settings to find it, the app will still open as normal. Then when you tap login you’ll get the standard keypad and a popup for ‘unlock with fingerprint’. Tap any of your saved fingers and you should be granted access. A few readers who have used the app are commenting that it would be better if it just prompted you on log-in and worked it into that UI.

But at least it makes tap to pay easier right? Nope, according to the feedback we’ve received (those of us who were with CBA left to get Android Pay) you’ll still need to manually enter your PIN to use their in-app tap to pay solution. In all fairness this is the first iteration of fingerprint to unlock, however, it does look like it was boot-strapped on rather than seamlessly integrated with their app.

Price: Free

Let us know if you like the CBA implementation.

Thanks: +Will.
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    Consistently doesn’t work. Don’t bother.


    Quick question (slightly off topic).
    You said “those of us who were with CBA left to get Android Pay”.
    What is the advantage of Android Pay over CommBank’s in-app Tap and Pay?

    Using the CommBank App on my phone, I can make purchases using any of my CommBank accounts at any terminal that supports PayWave. I was under the impression Android Pay provided the same function (but as a third party).


    Android Pay is a bit easier to use. CBA’s app requires (or at least, used to require) you to open the app first and authenticate with a PIN. Android Pay works as long as your phone screen is unlocked, so fingerprint unlock on phones with a FP reader does the trick. It’s a LOT quicker (as someone that’s used both).


    Right, I see.
    Thanks for the info.

    Björn Rostron

    Eh you can tell it was just bolted on rather than integrated. It works though so I am not complaining too much. Let’s hope this is just the first step as opposed to the whole thing.

    Gregory Williams

    Very nice! 🙂


    This update is quite long ago, but I would rather they gave finger print support for tap and pay first. Unlock the app is not quite important for me.

    Nizar Noor

    Hope they’ll add this for Tap & Pay soon.

    Dan Rayner

    Got the update yesterday, but does not allow you to use fingerprint for Tap and Pay. Still a pleasant feature.


    Wish all the banking apps follow this, updated this last night was really happy