It’s pretty common for readers to ask what the Ausdroid crew carry on a daily basis, so I though it was time to start the ball rolling (and maybe put some pressure on my colleauges to do the same) with a quick “what’s in my bag” post. Personally I work at a computer all day so I carry an array of gadgets to suit my “grab it and run” needs as well as the need to keep my toys charged, get out in the sun, perhaps enjoy a leisurely lunch while Ausdroid-ing or just take some time out and read a book

The Bag

I’ve had this Targus Slam for years, it holds everything I need for the daily grind but it’s also got spare space if I’m doing an overnighter somewhere. Reluctantly, I’m starting to think it may be time to go to a smaller day bag and actually carry two bags if I’m going overnight.


Mobile Phone

I enjoyed reviewing it so much I had to have one, it’s the Google Pixel XL. It’s my call for phone of the year for 2016 and (while I’ll review other devices) it will be my daily driver for the forseeable future.



2013 Macbook Pro 13” with Retina Display
It was my second and far deeper leap into the Mac world and I love it, despite being 3 years old. Because I was smart enough to get SSD and lots of RAM, it still does everything I need it to.



Currently I’m carrying 2 (for a number of reasons). The primary being a Huawei Mediapad M2 for daily work, email, surfing etc and the secondary being my Nexus 9 which (paired with BT keyboard when I have it) makes for a lightweight alternative for day hops interstate for work.


Sennheiser Momentum On-ear Headphones
They were brilliant when I got them, they’re still a really good set of headphones today. They have seem thousands of hours of playback since I purchased them and still offer great quality playback although, it might be time for an upgrade!


Chargers and Cables

  • Xiaomi 20,000mAh Battery Pack
  • Quick Charger for Pixel XL
  • Mac Thunderbolt – Gig Ethernet
  • 5 Meter Ethernet Cable
  • A couple of Micro USB cables
  • A mini USB cable
  • A Micro SD – SD card adaptor

Other goodies

Because I’m often not in a friendly wifi zone, I landed a Vodafone Pocket Wifi and keep some data on that for those times when I need to grab my laptop out quickly.


Its easy to see how over time you become more and more dependant on electronics and how this drives your need for accessories. I could probably shed a few bits out of my bag but not much for my daily use habits.

What do you carry in your bag that you couldn’t do without?

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    crap, that’s a lot. Is why I love my surface, small bag, phone, arc mouse and surface pro maybe the power supply and USB to charge the phone and ready to go. No need for multiple tablets multiple power supplies etc.


    I must confess, I don’t understand the pocket wifi…. given you take a battery bank, wouldn’t you just be better off hotspotting your phone and just getting extra data through your phone plan? Interesting your little / big tablet set up.. 8′ and 9′ … do they seem that different? I am a big fan of little / big tablet set-ups…. I have nexus 7 and galaxy tab s2 .. and take both everywhere… nexus 7 as e-reader and occasional surfing… Tabs2 as pseudo work machine with keyboard and movies… but they are significantly different in sizing… you almost get… Read more »

    Dan Goodes

    Might have to look into the Targus Slam, me thinks. How sturdy is it? Gotta lug a lot of stuff around with me, but also don’t want to be without my tech – and with climbing in and out of trains, it’s got to put up with some punishment (I assume your job dishes out even more than mine). Big fan of my new Momentum 2.0 on-ears. Sound great, and really comfy. Also starting to toy with the idea of replacing my iPad mini. But then, I rarely actually use it any more anyway. It’s great for reading books and… Read more »