Android Pay

The Android Pay team appears to be relentless in their incremental development of their payment platform. We seem to be getting regular updates with either promotional animations, easier ways to pay and now location data in your payments history.

When you pay with Android Pay each card keeps a history of the 5 most recent places you’ve paid. Clicking on one of these used to provide you with the date, time Dollar value and the Vendor name. Now for some merchants, and on some cards (it seems a bit random at the moment) you will also get a location map, the address, phone number and web address.

It’s unclear if this is something the vendor needs to opt into or if this is an automatic matching of a vendor name to their Google Maps profile. For the listing we’ve seen pop up with an address today it only seems to happen when the vendor name closely matches a maps POI near where you are paying. In these instances, the data returned in Android Pay has been identical to the Google Maps data.

We’re not fully seeing this rollout yet so it may be a server-side switch or just a limited number of vendors are compatible with whatever the system is.

Let us know if you see any and how the vendor name and maps location match the data provided.

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now, once u tap u will start getting surveys from google maps (un paid ). unless u opt out

Dan Goodes

Just checked my history. It seems give me the location with my Visa, but not with my Amex (that said, I’m using different cards at different locations, so it might not be related).

Also, I can see more transaction history (more than just 5) by clicking “View more transactions”.

Darren Ferguson

Fun but unrelated fact. You can get an NFC scanner that can scan your cards and see all the info they hold. Some of them store your recent purchases.