To say the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been a fiasco is an understatement. All along though, Samsung has tried to do the right thing by their customers. After the recall, there are still some Galaxy Note7s in the wild and as such Samsung have today announced that Australian network services for the Galaxy Note7 will be discontinued from December 15.

The move comes in cooperation with local network providers, and as part of Samsung’s ongoing safety measures to recover all Galaxy Note7 devices still being used by customers. Customers still using their Note 7 will receive a push notification today of this upcoming cutoff, and will continue to receive notifications before having their network access blocked completely on December 15.

Once again, and I can’t believe we still need to be saying this, Samsung (and us here at Ausdroid) urge all customers still using a Galaxy Note7 to power down their device and return it to the place of purchase. To apologise for the inconvenience Samsung are offering, for those who exchange their Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, a refund for the difference between the two resale prices AND a “specific partner offer to the value of $250”.

It seems that Samsung are doing all they can to make good on the whole Galaxy Note7 debacle. For more information head over to the Samsung website.

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Daniel Narbett

I have some sympathy for someone holding onto a Note 7 if they managed to get one (I didn’t). It’s, what, about 0.01% of devices that failed (in the first couple of months) (basing that on say 100 instances per 1m sales), it’s a pain to switch devices, and the Note 7 has been acknowledged as what *would* have been the best phone of the year. A 99.9% record of not failing (within a couple of months, which is an important caveat) is good odds (for a consumer, not a manufacturer, telco or tech reviewer). Edit: I’m making this post… Read more »


That is sensible approach. The only reason why I can think of that anyone would still use this phone is in the hope it causes damage to something, even themselves, so that can sue. Samsung can show they have taken all reasonably steps to prevent the issue now.

Brad Young

Yes Samsung offered the difference and the carriers like Vodafail conveniently raised the price on the s7 edge so that they could swallow most of the $250 credit

Dean Rosolen

You can still use local Wi-Fi though. You just won’t be able to connect to any mobile networks.

Jamie S

But why would you want to?

Darren Ferguson

Because you are an elitist tool? I can think of no other reason.


WTF Darren? Tool move with that comment. At no point did Dean say he was going to do anything or even that he owns one.

He just pointed out the obvious.

Darren Ferguson

That’s funny, I dont recall writing Dean’s name anywhere in my post or insinuating he owns a Note 7.


Clearly I made an incorrect assumption. I will withdraw my comment.

Cheers mate.

Darren Ferguson

All good. Sure I’ve done the same on occasion.

Dean Rosolen

I don’t know why you would do that unless you’re at home all the time.

Unfortunately, you can’t protect people from themselves.