Google is running a competition for Australian Local Guides to compete to win one of 3 Chromebooks (model currently not identified). How do you go about winning a Chromebook? Simple, contribute to the map, and do it a lot. Each approved contributions (addition to the map or an edit of a map location) between now and December 16th will count towards your points tally. If you took part in Mapathon 2014 you know the drill

At the end of the competition, the 3 Local Guides with the most points (during this period) will win a $400 AUD Chromebook. If you don’t know how to contribute to the map check out Google’s how to guide. If you’re not a local guide and you want to take part you better sign up and then head on over to the competition page.

Let us know if you’re competing in the competition! Oh and Good Luck!

Source: Local Guides.
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Daniel Pan

I will be competing! I have a Chromebook but would love to give this one to my partner and get an upgrade!

Jamie S

I think it’s great what Google is offering but I’d just be happy if they made them more readily available to purchase on the Google Store or Retail partners.

Daniel Pan

I agree. Chromebooks are awesome!