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It seems that connected fitness giant FitBit is likely to acquire the darling of crowdsource funding and the the lover of e-ink smartwatches, Pebble. The deal, yet to be confirmed by either party, could see Pebble change hands for a mere USD$40million (approximately AUD$54 million).


It would most likely seem that FitBit would be wanting to buy Pebble, as it has valuable IP and software experience that Fitbit could potentially utilise in new products as well as possibly existing health tracker bands … and its app. It would seem that for FitBit, this acquisition would be all about maintaining its crown as the wearables king or queen, whichever way you look at it. For Pebble users, though, the acquisition would likely mean that Pebble products will be “closed down over time.”

We will update this post as news comes to hand of the any potential acquisition on either party.

Source: The Information.
Via: Droid-Life, and TechCrunch.

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Yes this sounds bad for us with Pebble devices. I hope they do not sell it and stay independent and can keep developing market leading devices.

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