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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good leak or rumour, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. However, some recent images of a new Moto phone scheduled for 2017 definitely look compelling, and due to their familiar styling perhaps even believable.

The new device looks a little reminiscent of the Moto Z with the front mounted fingerprint sensor and a large Moto Camera “bump” on the back. However, we’re fairly sure that the Moto Z 2017 will be compatible with the current Moto Mods (Moto has said as much) so this can’t be a Moto Z 2017.

We’ve seen speculation that this could be the return of the Moto X, however it’s equally likely that this could be the new shape of the Moto G, or if Lenovo is going to adopt the Moto branding from next year that this will simply replace one of the many devices in the Lenovo line up.

Whatever it ends up being it good to see Moto preparing for a big 2017, Moto is still a very important brand in the Android space and we’re glad to see them hard at work.

Source: Techdroider 12.
Via: 9to5Google.
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John Johnson

Not an iPhone so really just a poor man’s copy of the ORIGINAL!


Better not be a Moto X. Too many functional and cosmetic things wrong with it.


Well what do you know… kind of looks like a Lenovo phone with a Moto logo on it.


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Oliver Ward

Really didn’t take long for Lenovo to screw the pooch did it? Those are fugly…