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I think it would be fair to say that the success of Lenovo’s Moto strategy relies heavily on the range, availability and price of the Mods. What we’ve seen thus far impressed Scott during his review of the Moto Z and its Mods, and they certainly appear to be more successful that LG’s attempt its still-early days.

According to one Lenovo Exec, the company plans to release at least 12 Moto mods next year. These mods won’t all be made by Lenovo – they are looking at extending their current partnerships to expand both the range and selection of Mods. While not providing a road map the execs seem to have hinted the new Mods could include more cameras and second screen (think e-reader or selfie screen).

The idea of a modular accessory platform is very enticing. I for one would love a slim battery pack that includes a few extra mAh while adding Qi charging to my Pixel XL without taking over the existing ports or adding to much bulk.

What modules would you like to see for your device? Let us know below.

Source: Cnet.
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Shoo Shoebridge

You hit the nail on the head when you said their success will depend on availability. I ordered an Incipio battery mod on 15 October. It still hasn’t arrived, although I’ve been told on two different occasions it would be here “next week.” Still waiting.


3.5mm jack.. Sigh
But with a small battery maybe..


Get the Z Play and you have both a 3.5mm jack AND a large battery. Problem solvered ^_^


Inferior phone.


Only on paper. In actual use not much difference imo. I got one for the awesome battery life and the dual SIM + dedicated memory card slot!


I know it’s a pretty good phone, but i’m in the camp that prefer a 2K screen. Else I might have bought a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or Mi Mix. Maybe when they release a moto mod 2k secondary screen for the Moto Z Play!.. =p


Xiaomi were on my list too but the lack of stock Android and the hybrid sim2/sd card combo took it off the list

Phill Edwards

Camera with great optical zoom please Lenovo!


Isn’t that already done? Hasselblad True Zoom


Very slow focus supposedly