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For those who bought in to LG G5’s promises this year, you’re about to become one of the first device owners in Australia to get Android 7.0 Nougat on your phone — after the Pixel, LG V20, and a couple of others, that is.

Ausdroid reader Mr Bouza alerted us to the update rollout on Twitter this morning:


If you have an LG G5, now’s the time to charge it up and switch on your WiFi, and get checking for updates. We understand that the rollout is hitting unlocked, outright stock first, as the update isn’t yet listed on Telstra’s Device Updates page. As usually happens, the update file will probably make its way to XDA at some point in the next few days so those that like living on the edge can apply the update a little early.

Once we receive the update on our G5, we’ll let you know what’s new.

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Mine just gave me the option to change my default Photo location to SD card. Winning!


Just updated mine. It was purchased outright and I’m on Telstra.
The download took hours, really slow even on fast nbn.

The biggest changes are to the notifications and quick settings. LGs big aqua coloured buttons are gone replaced with android default.

Dean Rosolen

Yeah the unbranded model is different to the Telstra branded model. That’s why you got the update.

Dean Rosolen

I’m betting that it’ll be at least 3 months before Telstra variants start getting this update.