According to a tip we received this morning (thanks Eli!) it looks as if Westpac maybe launching Android Pay in the very near future. Up until now if you tried to add a Westpac Card to your Android Pay app the process would just fail, which it still ultimately does, however now you are redirected to a Terms and Conditions page from Westpac for using Android Pay dated 6 December 2016 (that’s today).

While this doesn’t definitively mean it will be launched today, especially seeing as Wednesday seems to be new bank day, it’s the first solid proof we’ve had that we can share about Westpac’s impending support for Android Pay.

According to a tweet we got from from Westpac Android Pay for Westpac customers is live. We don’t know the specifics of which types of cards and accounts will be available as yet, let us know what works.

It’s good to see another major Australian bank start supporting Android Pay, especially since the Banks have dropped their beef with Android Pay in the ACCC

If you’re a Westpac card holder it may pay you to keep checking back throughout the day, as soon as we know it’s live we’ll post something.

Thanks: Eli.
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    Russell Fletcher

    Westpac appears to have finally started allowing VISA cards to be eligible for Android Pay.
    Up to this point it has only been Mastercard.
    I just happened to check their info page and noticed the new card additions to the list.
    Card added.

    Christophe C.

    I couldn’t add my Altitude Black Mastercard but it worked for my debit card. Maybe a staged rollout, as some have speculated?

    Adrian G

    Woo hoo. I just added my Westpac Altitude Black.


    I tried many times but couldn’t add my westpac altitude black Mastercard. Kept saying your card couldn’t be added. I wonder if they are doing a staged roll out.


    EVERYBODY. Check your credit card statements. I’ve just noticed a $2 charge to all the cards I tried to add to Android Pay, even the cards that didn’t work (Visa, Amex). According to Google ” You may see a pending payment authorisation on your card statement that should be removed between 1-14 working days”. How can they take an authorisation payment from cards that I couldn’t add to Android Pay?


    It’s a temporary hold like hotels do, it will get returned.


    Westpac is only supporting MasterCard at this point. According to a recent tweet, “we’re still looking into the options for delivering this to Visa cards, but don’t have any timelines yet.” I guess this is the same for Amex. Can someone explain why there is only one card supported? We waited all this time for this day, but can only use one type of card?

    Dean Rosolen

    My guess is that it’s a staged rollout so that any last minute bugs can be ironed out before a wider launch.


    Credit cards all use different systems, banks use different systems as well, it’s as big of a mess as messaging, imagine android pay is a one stop multiple platform messaging app, and that’s probably easier!

    Tango India Mike

    Just tried with an Altitude Visa card ….no joy!


    Common Wealth ???


    No info as yet, but since they dropped their complaint against android pay surely it will be any day! Oh no that’s right they know what their customers want


    It’s officially rolled out today.
    You must have SMS Protect activated to register your card to Ansroid Pay

    Clyde Jones

    If only St George got their act together and could work faster than “2nd half of 2017”

    Dean Rosolen

    We can only hope that they won’t be too far behind (same parent company and all).


    Managed to add my MasterCard,failed to add my Westpac Amex.

    Mark Stead

    Same here.


    Same here

    Akshay Sharma

    Managed to add my Westpac Mastercard Debit card on the Pixel XL. My wife’s card of the same account failed on her S7 Edge.


    Spoke too soon. I was able to add my MasterCard, but I can’t add my Visa?


    Me too! Westpac Debit MasterCard worked. Westpac 55 Day Platinum Visa didn’t (but that’s OK because I have my AMEX)


    Just added my Westpac card with no issues. Well done Westpac (finally)


    just managed to add my westpac card without issues 🙂