There is no doubt that Google has stepped up their advertising for the Pixel compared to any of their previous devices. On a recent All About Android Podcast appearance, Hiroshi Lockheimer outwardly admitted that Google is attempting to both attract new smartphone users to the Pixel as well as lure iPhone users over to the premium Android Device.

This strategy he said is aimed at increasing the size of the “Android Pie” (Is that Keylime Pie?), not just take a bigger share of what was already there! Well if you’re even a little VR curious and considering a new phone then perhaps Google’s Daydream platform could even be enough of a differentiator to bring people over.

Check out their Daydream Pixel cross over ad below.

Would this make you want a Pixel more?

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Major Sceptic

It seems that video is no longer available , too much of a hot potato ??
i saw on one of the YT reviews doing the pixel vr demo and the device got uncomfortably hot .
We need more footage of vr performance ….not blocked videos hiding warts and all footage.


“Experience massive phone overheating with Google Daydream VR”