Motorola are “all in” on their Moto Mods and their usefulness seems to have no end in sight. Not only are Motorola hosting “hackathons’ encouraging people to invent new Moto Mod ideas but are also behind bigger companies launching their own. Today on the Motorola Blog they have revealed more details on the two new Moto Mods I mentioned the other day.

Incipio Vehicle Dock

The Incipio Vehicle Dock seems to be just a basic car dock that clips into the air vent of your dashboard but in reality it is much more. The dock connects to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth (or a 3.5mm auxillary cable) and can be used to secure your phone using the strong magnets that hold the Moto Mods in place. The mod can be configured to automatically trigger Android Auto to run on your phone when they are connected to each other. It also has built in support for up to a 15W TurboPower charger (sold separately of course) — much better than the trickle charge most car chargers produce. It is compatible with all Moto Z phones.

While they are yet to show up on the Australian Motorola website they are retailing for US$64.99 on the US Motorola website.

mophie juice pack

The mophie juice pack is also compatible with the entire Moto Z family of phones but can pack an extra 3150mAh onto your phone. At this battery size it is 50% more than the Incipio Moto Mod I reviewed with the Moto Z but is only 2 mm thicker. It is designed to give the user 60% more battery life but in return adds an extra 112 grams to the weight of your phone. It can Turbo charge your phone at rates of 4-6W and itself charges at 3A 15W via a USB-C connections. Once again, at this stage this is only on the US Motorola website where it is retailing for US$79.99.

The prices of these Mods seem to be much more acceptable than the current prices of Mods such as the Hasselblad camera or the projector which are several hundred each. Hopefully Motorola can bring the Mods to Australia without adding too much Australia-tax.

With the first hackathon already held in Argentina recently where 25 participants built their own Moto Mods in 24 hours it will be interesting to see what the ones in New York next week (December 10-11) and San Francisco in January bring to the table.

The Moto Mods, at affordable prices really make these phones a great buy, especially the Moto Z. I gave it two BIG thumbs up when reviewing it, and that was with the original expensive Moto Mods. Add in some cheaper, yet still useful, Mods and you have a winner.

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They both sound pretty awesome, I just with you COULD buy a 15W TurboCharger “separately” like you mention with the vehicle dock, as they seem to only come with phones at the moment. You can’t buy them separately from Motorola far as I’ve been able to find out :/.

I’ll probably get a dock one for my Z Play tho :).

Bootloops Anonymous

You can, belkin have one on the google store or JB Hi-Fi. It’s a little pricey, but worth it.


Cool, thanks for that; it’s only a car charger though :(. I suppose that is the point for this particular mod tho hey hehe.

I would like to be able to buy power point turbo chargers; could do with one at work, at the partners house, etc. Charging over USB otherwise takes foreeeeever if I need it

Adam J

I’ve found using the chargers from Google’s online store initiate ‘Turbo Charging’ on my Z Play


Is that the 18W USB-C power adaptor at $55? Cheers buddy 🙂

Adam J

It was one available when the 6P was being sold: “Universal 15 W USB Type-C Charger $39.99”. It’s no longer there I think. The 18W should work, though it’s a bit more expensive.