Someone at Samsung seems to be slowly leaking details of the Samsung Galaxy S8, probably in a bid to build up anticipation for the first flagship post-Note 7. This morning we have already reported about the Galaxy S8 reportedly not having a 3.5mm headphone jack. It seems that that is not all that Samsung are ditching on the Galaxy S8. A new rumour is circulating that among other things the Galxy S8 will be sans home button.

Sammobile is reporting that the Galaxy S8 will not have a home button but will instead feature the fingerprint sensor embedded within the display. We have seen LG discuss this technology earlier in the year and saw something similar in the Xiaomi Mi 5s announced a couple of months ago. Without the need for a home button hopefully Samsung do not decide to do something silly and make their own buttons but instead opt for the standard Android on-screen buttons. One thing for certain though is that a lack of a home button will likely make the screen to body ratio even higher — which is a good thing.

Also included in the rumour is that instead of the previously rumoured 4K display, the Galaxy S8 will have a 2K display. The 2K sAMOLED displays will be made out of a new material, improving the quality of the display making it a standard RGB arrangement. This is important for a high quality VR experience. Reports are saying that the 4K display for phones is not ready for the market just yet and Samsung are thus going for the tried and tested 2K screens.

Sounds like the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be a beast with Samsung going for quality over quantity. Anyone else looking forward to this? Will this be your next daily driver?

Source: Sammobile.
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    Joshua Hill

    The screen is rumoured to be QHD or WQHD (2560×1440) despite the source and this article confusingly calling that 2K. Here’s a quote from the Sammobile source so don’t panic people 🙂 ‘We performed a detailed screen analysis of the Galaxy S7 edge earlier this year and found that it has the exact same pixel layout as the Galaxy S6 edge – the Diamond PenTile layout with 7,372,800 pixels. That’s not going to be the case with the Galaxy S8 display which will have a Standard RGB arrangement with 11,059,200 pixels. It retains the 2560×1440 pixel resolution of its predecessor,… Read more »


    The rumors have been wrong before, I was suspect it to come out with the same or better resolution than the S7 did, headphone jack? Apple killed it so Samsung likely will as well! Physical buttons? I switched from a Note 7 to a Pixel XL, there’s a learning curve I constantly press the bezel looking for the button, but love having the bezel to hold onto without pressing the back, home or multitask button all the time! I’m tipping the button’s probably gone, but don’t expect a bezel less phone, maybe they will put in stereo front facing speakers?


    2K and no headphone jack?

    It had better be really cheap then, because that’s a downgrade on the S7. Samsung NEED 4K to justify a price over $1000, and even then it’s only really useful for VR.


    2K is a cinema resolution which is marginally higher than 1080p at 2048×1080. That’s a downgrade on 2560 x 1440.

    4K > 1440p > 2K/1080p

    The confusion comes from referencing horizontal resolution (4K/2K) over a vertical one (2160p/1440p/1080p).