With Westpac finally on board as the latest Australian financial institution to support Android Pay, Google updated the list of Australian Banks who support Android Pay. However there was more in that list than just Westpac, some old “coming soon” friends made a reappearance after being take off the list a few months back.

As of today the following banks are once again “coming soon”:

  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Bank SA
  • Family First Credit Union
  • RAMS
  • St George Bank

Those of you with keen eyes will note that Bank of Melbourne, Bank SA and St George Bank are all Westpac subsidiaries, so their return to the coming soon list probably isn’t all that surprising; St George have even confirmed they’re working on Android Pay, there’s just no concrete timeframe.

We’re not sure why Google took down the list originally, we don’t know why they’ve put it back up today, however, if you’re with one of these 5 institutions you’re a lot close to Android Pay than many people with other Big Australian Banks.

It’s never too late to swap banks and start enjoying the freedom and fun of Android Pay!

Source: Google.
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Björn Rostron

As much as I love Android Pay, I root my phone so i’m not sure whether the trade-off is worth it for me currently. The fact that CBAs solution works with root is a big bonus for me so i’ll probably stick with it even though its effectively a “poorer” solution. I do hope they integrate pin unlock for their tap&pay solution, the pin method is just that little bit too clunky for effective quick use.

Hayden Braun

With Magisk V9 and h SuperUser It is possible to have root and use Android Pay

Hayden Braun

With Magisk and phh SuperUser it’s possible to have root and use Android Pay

Björn Rostron

I’ve had mixed success with those methods. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Gregory Eden

Bank of Melbourne is another Westpac brand.


CBA is just rubbish


Alas, still no CBA. However, if they can integrate fingerprint unlocking in their Tap & Pay functionality, I will stick with them. Using fingerprint to unlock the app and then using a pin for T&P is a bit too painful.


Even they have fingerprint I will still leave. Because I tried both, really like Android Pay.


I would prefer Android Pay as well but as a work around, the CBA app is not bad. Just very clunky with their integration of fingerprint. And no fingerprint whatsoever on the Tap & Pay.

Move along

I just loaded Androidpay with a bankwest CC..there is hope


Too little, too late.
Poor communication with their customers, slow adoption, inferior support for card types.

I’ve already switched banks.


At best I would say say Westpac now has minimal support for Android Pay since it only works for Mastercard


At least it’s a good start


I am not so sure about that 6 months to introduce 1 type of card. I am done with waiting on them. Time to move to ANZ