LG has given us a little insight to its plans regarding wearable and specifically (and most possibly) Android Wear based smartwatches thanks to filings listed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The filings, which were picked up GSMInfo, show LG has filed applications for a series of new smartwatch trademarks: Watch Style, Watch Pro, Watch Force and Watch Sole. It is unsure if these are most likely 4 separate versions of one piece of hardware like what we have seen Samsung and Apple do with their similar products.

The application filings have suggested that the names are destined for, “Watches that communicate data to PDAs; Smart phones for wrist; Smart phones; Watches that communicate data to smartphones; Smart phones that fit on the user’s face in the manner of eyeglasses.”

Along with these new smartwatches, LG have trademarked a possible new payment service called LG Watch Pay. This really this isn’t anything too new announcement wise, given the company’s already-announced mobile payment service, which will compete with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google’s own payment system – Android Pay. Going down this path for LG will bring it into line with other Android mobile device manufacturers – though how it will go alongside a now very crowded mobile payments system will remain to be seen.


Source: Wearable.com.
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Yianni soc

While I’m keen to see what they bring out I will NEVER buy an LG device again.
Their Australian warranty process and rules are horrendous. Do yourself a favour, stay away.