Another day and yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 rumour. We have recently covered the rumours regarding the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack and the ditching of the home button and now there is yet more rumours regarding the Galaxy S8. We really shouldn’t be surprised, afterall, it is the biggest selling Android phone each year and has been for a while now. Today’s rumour concerns the bezels on the Galazy S8, well, the lack of them.

Bloomberg Technology are today reporting that the Galaxy S8 will be bezel-less with, as we reported the other day, the home button “buried in the glass in the lower section”. Their source is “people with direct knowledge of the matter” which may seem as a bit of a stretch, but Bloomberg are not known for reporting unsubstantiated rumours. Their sources say that the displays will be “wraparound” displays which we can assume will mean curved displays such as the Edge devices in previous iterations.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix, released recently in China, has made a splash with its bezel-less design and it seems Samsung are planning on bringing this design to the masses. With two sizes expected for the Galaxy S8, similar to the S7 models, it will be interesting to see if the implementation is the same for both sizes.

Although Samsung is targeting a March release don’t surprised if they push this date back and perform even more thorough testing procedures after the Note 7 debacle. A repeat of that is definitely not what they want.

Source: Bloomberg.
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No headphone port, no home button, no edges; at this rate, with there even be any internals? 😉


A rounded featureless rectangle, no ports, no screen, the images and sound are beamed directly to your brain; but only for those with enough braincells for the signal to get through.

Hmm, I feel a kickstarter coming on….


Or an episode of Black Mirror…


No headphone jack? Please say it isn’t so! Bezel-less and home button built into the screen sound good though


Sounds cool. Hopefully it doesn’t affect usability.


Which it will. We have way too many people bleating and screaming for no bezels but these same people aren’t stopping to think about usability. You can rat on the Pixel and iPhone all you want, but their bezels serve a functional purpose. Getting rid of the bezels for something like a television of laptop makes sense. But doing the same with something you hold and interact with by touch? Nope. If the rumours are true (including the removal of the headphone port) Samsung is about to make another massive blunder. I can guarantee the Pixel 2 will have a… Read more »