To the Allo users out there Google has a pre-Rogue One gift for you, Rogue One marketing Stickers for Allo. To be honest, there’s not a lot more to say, the sticker pack is available to download right now and contains 23 different Rogue One/ Star Wars inspired stickers.

You can grab a closer look at some of them and their animations below.

We understand that the team who sells these marketing campaigns and develops the sticker packs is in all likelihood, not the same team responsible for adding in the numerous missing features to Allo however, it doesn’t stop us wanting Allo to be all it can be.

Without a doubt Allo is the most frustrating Messaging App I use, I have resisted using any app that isn’t cross-platform and supports a desktop/web client, messaging backup and restore and multi-device use. Or in other words, everything Allo is missing.

Because of reviewing phones of testing out other services I am constantly switching devices, when I do Allo acts like it’s never met me, my message history is not only not brought over to my new device, it is erased from my old one. Being constrained to one device at any time is both frustrating and annoying.

While Allo may be intended for the developing world it shouldn’t mean it’s missing features that are now table stakes in 2016 (2014 if we’re being honest). Allo is a red hot mess and I don’t see a fix coming any time soon.

Source: Google.
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Yeah very good article. Don’t know what’s going on with Google? Why they put a lot on the stickers? Whether they know no one actually uses it?

For me, WeChat and SMS serve 99% of what I needs. Slack is best for work.


Can’t say I use stickers, I do use Allo though.

Jamie S

“Ladies and gentlemen, well may we say “God Save the Queen”, because nothing will save Google’s Allo”