For those Samsung S7 owners who have been patient, or impatiently waiting for Android 7.0, or Android 7.1 to come to their devices this week’s release of Android 7.1.1 was most likely a kick in the guts, another version that they may have to wait for or never get. According to 9 to 5 Google perhaps you won’t be waiting long after all.

Apparently, a Samsung user asked the big S when their device would get 7.1.1 and the response was that Samsung would be upgrading the whole S7 family straight to the latest release, Android 7.1.1. Along with this upgrade not only would S7 owners get all of the 7.0 features like improved notification reply and Launcher shortcuts but they would also get the new Emoji and GIF keyboards.

Hopefully for S7 owners they won’t have long to wait.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Phill Edwards

Don’t be too upset, S7 owners. I have a stock, unrooted Nexus 5X which is running 6.0.1 Aug update and still no sign of anything newer. Has anyone else with a 5X had a newer update?


Take the sim card out or swap it and it might upgrade

Darren Ferguson

If you are using Telstra they are probably blocking it. Chuck in a mates SIM from another provider and you’ll get the update notification instantly. Be a good friend and download it over wifi.


I bet Telstra will drag their feet on this one…..

Gray Fox

I think it should be illegal for telstra to block the updates to unlocked phones
They don’t block apples updates so why block android?