Friday , October 20 2017

Google Contacts has been updated with new features, icons, pull to refresh and more

Google Contacts is something that perhaps not all Android users use, or are familiar with, but it’s your address book on any Nexus or Pixel phone, unless you’ve used one of a number of fairly disappointing third party replacements. No, I keep coming back to Google’s own Contacts app, because it’s simple and it just works without trying to be everything to everyone.

Major changes in the new version, 1.6, include the following:

  • A new Suggestions screen, which effectively checks your contacts for duplicates or linkages, and suggests those. It does what the previous ‘Duplicates’ screen did, but it looks better, and it adds the ability to suggest new contacts based on your call history. Keep calling that person who’s not in your address book? Google Contacts will suggest that you add them.
  • There’s a new icon. We’ve used the older, v 1.5 Contacts icon, but there’s a new, rounded, dark blue icon. For those who care about iconography, this is important, but for everyone else it really doesn’t matter.
  • Minor UI tweaks, mainly in the import/export contacts feature, which has now been separated into importing, and exporting rather than keeping them together. A couple of other minor changes are there, but chances are you won’t notice them (or care).

The new version, as ever, is available on the Google Play Store for compatible devices  but you might not be seeing it yet. If you aren’t, you can grab the latest APK from the APK Mirror site.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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6 Comments on "Google Contacts has been updated with new features, icons, pull to refresh and more"

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Valued Guest

installed it on the note4 and it’s not feature-rich compared to the built-in one. seems Samsung combines the dialer + contacts into 1 app.

Phill Edwards
Valued Guest
Phill Edwards

If you use a contacts app other than Google’s does it sync with Gmail? Or does it depend on the app itself?

Valued Guest

Many third party apps sync seamlessly with your Google account. Not tied to the contacts app, moreso having a Google account available on the phone.

Valued Guest

Yeah, not frequently used.

Valued Guest

Having an almost identical looking contact list in the Phone app, as the Contacts app does, makes me forget there is a Contacts app at all.


A better search (for a search company) wouldn’t go astray, currently use “DW Contacts” for its search capabilities.


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