Ever since the Mate 9 was rumoured we have been covering it. We have written quite a few posts on a device that until today was not known if it was even coming to Australia. Why did we do that? We love Huawei and given their continuing and growing success in the marketplace we aren’t the only ones. In a statement today Huawei have confirmed that the Huawei Mate 9 will be arriving in Australia in the first quarter of 2017.

The Huawei Mate 9, launched in Germany on November 4, will be landing on our shores in the first quarter of 2017. The Mate 9 hopes to follow on from the success of the Mate 7 and 8, and more recently the P9 in Australia. Huawei, as always, have packed some impressive hardware into the Mate 9 with it packing a Kirin 960 Octa-core processor with ARM Cortex A73/A53 cores, and a Mali G71 Octa-Core GPU resulting in a 400% increase in graphics performance while becoming 40% more energy efficient and decreasing power consumption by 15%. There is a second gen dual-lens Leica camera which has already shown to produce some amazing pictures.

The battery, in true Huawei Mate style, is a whopping 4000mAh with Huawei’s 5A fast-charge technology called SuperCharge. It promises to be a beast when it comes to screen on time and usage time. Unfortunately it still comes with EMUI although this time Huawei have put the new EMUI 5.0 onto it which apparently is a vast improvement over previous years (don’t manufacturers always say that?). Huawei is spruiking a brand new, intuitive interface design, with more than 50% of features accessible within just two clicks, and 90% within three clicks. It includes artificial intelligence technology to learn from your usage behaviours and become more efficient over time.

Looks like a great phone and we cannot wait to get our hands on one to review. I will be putting my hands up to review it although after reviewing both the Mate 7 and Mate 8 it may someone else’s turn to enjoy some decent Huawei hardware. At this stage we have no information on availability, pricing or release date. We will let you know as soon as we do.

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I have been using it for a while. This Powerful phone is fast. However little features like mail app is not adequate to attach from other sources and other issue the dual sim does not have a management learning system and It is pricey.


Woohoo! Here’s hoping that Vodafone has it, seeing as they’ve got the P9 now, and had the Mate 8 before that.

Alex Gerontzos

Hopefully we find out if any telcos will one getting this.. come on Optus!

Major Sceptic

Looking forward to seeing it in the hand.
Maybe my next device.


Truly a great phone from the reviews I’ve read/seen. But official Aussie launch slow as usual – phone’s been out for a month already. Hopefully it launches early Q1 ’17 (like Jan) rather than late. I really wanted to get the Huawei mate 8 when it first launched but the official Aussie launch took soooo long plus top service providers (like Optus and Telstra) didn’t offer the phone on their plans which caused me to give up on Huawei and go with the Samsung GS7 Edge instead. Wish I could afford to just buy the international version of the Mate… Read more »

Jamie S

That’s one powerhouse of a phone and hopefully they can keep the price down where it’s more competitive against phones like the Moto Z and Note 5 etc. After using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for a while I’m really impressed with what some of these Chinese companies can produce.