Google are going all-in with their Assistant the devices it is built into. We have been told by Google that it is early days for Assistant and that it will improve the more people use it. What could also improve it is Google adding functionality to it, and after releasing the ability to make actions for Assistant last week, Google have today added a videos and photos section to Google Assistant.

We were alerted by a former Ausdroider this morning that within the settings of Google Home’s Assistant there is now a “Videos and Photos” section. Opening up this section shows options for Netflix under video and Google Photos under the Photos header. After linking your Netflix account to this you should be able to play Netflix shows directly using your Google Home to any Chromecast-compatible device. We assume that photos is the same — eg. “OK Google, show me photos from the holiday in Noosa on the Nexus Player”. At this stage, even though most people are seeing this option, it is not working for them so will most likely need some server-side switch to be flicked by either Google or Netflix.

Hopefully down the line we will see more video streaming services added. I can think of a number that would be good to easily do. Hopefully by the time it officially reaches our shores there will be even more features packed in. For those who already have one are you seeing this option? Does it work for you?

Source: 9-to-5Google.
Thanks: Jamie.


  1. Well its enabled but netflix doesnt work for me. I think the netflix regions rubbish is getting in the way, even with netflix originals.