If you haven’t used a Chromecast Audio, especially for multiroom audio, then you’re missing out. There is something magical about being able to do your own simulcast across all of your speakers. The easiest way to achieve this is to grab a few Chromecast Audios, connect them into the Line in or Optical in (additional accessory required) and start streaming.

However, at $59 AUD they aren’t exactly cheap enough to just go crazy and get a couple of dozen. If you’ve been holding out on getting a Chromecast Audio, or you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift then drop by JB HiFi from Thursday. You should find the Chromecast Audio discounted to $39 AUD, which is $20 off.

It’s unclear how long the sale will last, or if it will be available online as well, the details seem to have come from a leaked catalogue.

Let us know if you pick one up!

Source: OZbargin.
Thanks: Jamie.
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Wish they’d just put chromecast audio support into normal chromecast devices… I’d love to have alike youtube playing on my TV, with the audio going all around the house.


Thursday you say, might have to align a coffee run with the opening of the store.
Thats a good price, will pick up two for a bit of multi-room fun.
The only gripe i have had with 3.5mm audio jack verse the functionality of the HDMI is if it was connected to multi use audio devices (main receiver that gets audio from TV, bluray, gaming console etc ) I have grown use to the Chromecast video to auto-switch inputs when i require it… manually switching to ensure all the multi-rooms are sorted seems so last year

Jamie S

I just bought an iPad from JB for my daughter and they did 2 Chromecast audio for $39 each no problem


Always wanted one. Finally getting it.