As each year draws to a close Google casts an eye back over the previous 12 months or 366 days or 527,040 minutes (you get the point) and provides a little insight into the big stories of the year. Be it Brexit, Donald “Make America Great again” Trump or Brad and Angelina, Google knows what we’ve been thinking, and searching, about.

So what have we all been thinking about? Check out below for the top 10’s from everything to “What is …” to Aussie news!

Overall Searches (Trending)

  1. US election

  2. Olympics

  3. Census

  4. Euro 2016

  5. Australian Open 2016

  6. Pokemon Go

  7. Donald Trump

  8. iPhone 7

  9. David Bowie

  10. Prince

News (Trending)

  1. US election results

  2. Census

  3. Pokemon Go

  4. Total solar eclipse

  5. Oscars 2016

  6. Dreamworld accident

  7. Brussels

  8. Zika Virus

  9. Harambe

  10. Hurricane Matthew

Global People (Trending)

  1. Donald Trump

  2. Hillary Clinton

  3. Conor McGregor

  4. Steven Avery

  5. Melania Trump

  6. Meghan Markle

  7. OJ Simpson

  8. Chris Gayle

  9. Tom Hiddleston

  10. Brad Pitt

Aussies (Trending)

  1. Mitchell Pearce

  2. Molly Meldrum

  3. Tara Brown

  4. Pauline Hanson

  5. Mel McLaughlin

  6. Rebecca Wilson

  7. Peter Brock

  8. Sonia Kruger

  9. Malcolm Turnbull

  10. Michelle Jenneke

Loss (Trending)

  1. David Bowie

  2. Prince

  3. Alan Rickman

  4. Muhammad Ali

  5. Christina Grimmie

  6. Leonard Cohen

  7. Gene Wilder

  8. Glenn Frey

  9. Anton Yelchin

  10. Chyna

Sporting events (Trending):

  1. Olympics

  2. Euro 2016

  3. Australian Open 2016

  4. Melbourne Cup 2016

  5. UFC 205

  6. Wimbledon 2016

  7. Tour de France 2016

  8. Paralympics

  9. AFL Grand Final 2016

  10. Super Rugby

How to…? (Most Searched)

  1. How to tie a tie

  2. How to screenshot on mac

  3. How to make pancakes

  4. How to play Pokemon Go

  5. How to draw

  6. How to write a cover letter

  7. How to get rid of pimples

  8. How to download from YouTube

  9. How to lose weight fast

  10. How to write a resume

What is..? (Most Searched)

  1. What is my IP address

  2. What is a plebiscite

  3. What is Pokemon Go

  4. What is the weather today

  5. What is the time

  6. What is all purpose flour

  7. What is love

  8. What is Brexit

  9. What is gluten

  10. What is the meaning of life

Why is…? (Most Searched)

  1. Why is there a leap day

  2. Why is the sky blue

  3. Why is my internet so slow

  4. Why is my poop green

  5. Why is my computer so slow

  6. Why is Australia in Eurovision

  7. Why is the ocean salty

  8. Why is biodiversity important

  9. Why is my period late

  10. Why is my eye twitching

Recipes (Most Searched)

  1. Pancake

  2. Carbonara

  3. Banana bread

  4. Scones

  5. Hummus

  6. Cheesecake

  7. Quiche

  8. Chocolate mousse

  9. Crepe

  10. Brownie

There it is, the Aussie year in search, did you contribute to these results? It’s interesting that the US election was number 1 whereas our own election wasn’t even a blip on this radar? Half of that was most likely me trying to get the stupid Google Now style interface to show up on my account!

Let us know what you think should have topped the search results!

Source: Google Australia.
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I personally find it a little tasteless providing any sort of popularity ranking relating to those we lost this year.