If you’re hankering for something healthy for lunch today, why not check out the brand new Sumo Salad app on Android (and iOS) and you can score yourself $5 towards your next purchase.

The app was launched on the 8th of December, and offers a host of features including the ability to order and pay for your meal in the app and then pick it up at your closest store – yes, there’s a store locator included as well. You can check out their pre-made salads in the menu, or design your own salad and save it as a favourite for your next order as well.

There’s a loyalty rewards program that gives you access to weekly deals, specials and giveaway promotions and lets you earn Sumo Coins which you can use to buy your next meal, you can also walk a bit (at least over 500m) to pick up your meal and earn Sumo Coins as well, this is possibly tied to the Fitbit integration in the app which also lets you automatically log your Sumo Salad order into the FitBit app.

Sumo Salad have also partnered up with OzHarvest and other similar charities to let you donate meals from within the app. Create a salad and you can choose to pay for and then donate it.

If you haven’t tried Sumo Salad as yet and you love a salad then these guys do a great job. The app itself is fairly decent with a nicely designed slide-out Nav drawer and a clean card interface. 

You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple app store now to get started.

My Sumo
My Sumo
Developer: SumoSalad
Price: To be announced
Source: Sumo Salad.