Google has been progressively moving forward on Virtual Reality support for many years, with the latest push coming in Chrome for Android which now supports the WebVR API.

In a post on the Chromium Blog, Google ‘Virtual Reality Plumber’ Brandon Jones announced that the latest beta version of Chrome for Android (v56) includes an option for developers to sign up for an Origin Trial that enables both the WebVR API and GamePad API extensions. The enabling of these APIs allows developers to begin building immersive virtual reality experience right into web apps. Mr Jones says:

The WebVR API provides access to the input and output capabilities of virtual reality devices such as Daydream View. It also provides access to the user’s position and orientation, so that web apps can render a stereoscopic 3D scene to the headset’s display. The Gamepad API extensions provide access to input from motion controllers, such as the Daydream controller, and enables natural interactions in VR.

Once a developer signs up to the Origin Trial, the option to temporarily make the WebVR platform available for use to all Chrome users visiting their website. Google says that while this release is for Android, they will be including support for WebVR on desktops, and Google Cardboard in an upcoming release of Chrome.

Source: Chromium Blog.