Déjà vu anyone? Welcome to two weeks ago Google. In a tweet that Google’s @Android account sent out yesterday they announced that “OK Google” now works for everyone on Android Auto. Apparently Android Auto now works with any car too.

In what we would suspect was the final roll out of the above features they are now available to all users. At the time when it was first reported on it did not work for all people, although it did work for us here at Ausdroid (but we did have to sideload the app). So we can now assume that the roll out is complete. If you haven’t already, get out and enjoy the new features that Android Auto brings:

  • Android Auto can now be used on your phone’s display
  • OK Google voice activation hotword now works (and with all voices which my kids have unfortunately discovered)
  • Android Auto can launch automatically when connected to your car’s Bluetooth
  • Send a customised message with a single tap (eg. Can’t talk right now, driving)
  • Scroll through song lists more easily with a new “letter jump feature”

Android Auto has come a LONG way in a year but still has a ways to go, especially with Google’s apps. Google Play Music is woeful on Android Auto and actually has me ready to also subscribe to Pandora for in-car listening. Google maps needs to become easier to use. Do you use Andorid Auto in the new iteration? How are you finding it? Am I alone in my opinions?

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Android Twitter.
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Tried it on my phone, but seemed worse than just using ok google anyway. Didn’t seem to have the integration of verbal commands that you might expect (eg I should be able to change the navigation, change the music, text or pickup a call, get a new email read to you – all without touching the phone).

And that’s before you get to the need to be able to add something to the mix to justify it. Hell, it’s going to be facing the driver – how about detecting if they are falling asleep?