Samsung’s mobile chief, DJ Koh, has asked employees to be more vigilant about their security, to minimise the risk of future leaks which have been damaging to the company in the past. In an email sent to employees this week, Koh said:

I feel deeply regretful to hear news of the recent attempts at data breach and prototype leak. Samsung had a bitter experience due to the leak of important data — on product design and business strategies — to China and consequently suffered damages in the past.

The timing of this reminder to staff is unsurprising, with increased speculation about the upcoming flagship from Samsung, set to be revealed in two months at Mobile World Congress 2017.  While the leaks and rumours undoubtedly build interest in Samsung’s products (and those of its competitors), there’s a distinction to be drawn between marketing type leaks, which Samsung is probably behind, and true leaks which aren’t reported, but which deliver key information to competitors well in advance to allow them to compete with Samsung more strongly than they otherwise might.

There’s a growing pile of rumours about the upcoming Galaxy S8, but one thing is for sure; the phone is expected to have virtually no bezel, a curved Edge-type display, the Note 7’s iris scanner, and a retail release sometime around March/April 2017.

The other news out of Samsung is that their investigation into the Note 7 issues appears to be complete, with partner laboratories let in on the findings. They have not, as yet, been made public, though.

Do you like seeing early renders and leaks, or would you prefer the press events to be a complete surprise?

Source: Investor.
Via: Phandroid.