Google Home isn’t “officially” here in Australia yet but there are high hopes (and certainly a few rumours to back) that it is coming this way in the new year. Besides waiting, you can import them and here’s another reason you might want to: Todoist integration with the smart home device.

We touched on this yesterday, but Todoist being something we use quite a lot at Ausdroid, we can explore a bit further. The Google Assistant really became known when Allo had its underwhelming launch a few months back which caused some discussion about whether there was more to Allo than meets the eye, despite this there were users who invested the time to find some fun ways to engage the e-friend.

For those who are keen to use productivity tools with their phone or Google Home device, Todoist have already integrated with the Google Assistant via IFTTT and there’s a reasonably comprehensive list of things you’ll be able to do with Todoist + the Google Assistant on Google Home:

  • Add tasks with due dates – “Ok Google, tell Todoist to add a task to ‘pick up milk’ tomorrow at 5pm.”
  • Complete tasks – “Ok Google, open Todoist and complete my task to ‘pick up milk’”
  • Have the Google Assistant read you your tasks – “Ok Google, ask Todoist, what do I have due today?”
  • Check on your next upcoming task – “Ok Google, ask Todoist what’s my next task?”

So it’s some cool stuff and with the Assistant Dev platform being open in December, there’s sure to be a lot more to come – really only limited by the imagination and talent of the developers.

What integrations and functions would you like to see available with Google Assistant and Google Home?

Source: Todoist Blog.