If you’re a Google Local Guide, you probably have answered a few of the cards asking questions about places you’ve been. Things like is their a kids menu, do they serve alcohol or is there WiFi (free or paid) available. If you’re an active local guide then you’ve probably also come across the new question about wheelchair accessibility.

It seems Google has achieved the critical mass of user generated data they needed to at least start the roll out of the accessibility information showing on Google Maps. If you navigate to a business that has received enough responses there will be a sideways arrow in the features section, tap on that and you’ll be brought to the newly expanded list of location attributes.

If you want to add your own assessment on the location then click “suggest changes” down the bottom and a new interface will pop open letting you add details and perhaps correct incorrect ones.

We’re seeing this live right now, but only in the app, we’re not sure if it arrived in the last update or was rolled out service side, or both! If you know someone who may be interested in accessible access to locations then please share this post with them, let them know.

Source: Business Insider.