Every single time I review a device, I lament the lack of options available to the launcher employed by the manufacturer. Inevitably I turn to my launcher of choice after a few days of pain — Nova Launcher. With the Prime (Paid) option Nova Launcher becomes a launcher packed with just about every option you could think of. Just a few days after launching the Nougat-option-packed update to their launcher you too can now have Nova Launcher Prime to unlock additional features for just 99 cents for a limited time.

In an announcement via their social media channels, Nova Launcher developer, TeslaCoil Software, has announced a special holiday pricing that lasts until January 1st, 2017. For under a buck you can add the following features to the already impressive Nova Launcher:

  • Gestures
  • Unread count badges
  • Custom drawer groups
  • Ability to hide apps in the drawer
  • Icon swipe actions
  • More scroll effects

The news from TeslaCoil Software does not stop there with them teasing a big announcement later today. What it is is unknown at this stage but it could be about the only missing option for Nova Launcher — swipe right to go to Google Now. It could also be that they are now the default option on a manufacturer’s new device — unlikely, mostly wishful thinking on my behalf I suspect. Stay tuned to here to find out.

Until then go and spend that 99 cents, get Nova Launcher Prime and enjoy the best launcher in the land. Remember there is a quick and easy guide to pixelise your device using Nova Launcher right here on Ausdroid.

While other launchers offer similar options, Nova Launcher is considered the best all-round launcher by many, including most of us here at Ausdroid.

Source: TeslaCoil Software.
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Thanks Ausdroid for the heads-up on the discount, I would’ve missed it otherwise 🙂


the second best android launcher ever made

Daniel Narbett

Nova Launcher *is* Android for me, makes the device mine, and I can get a consistent experience between devices. It’s a bargain at normal price given that you can make a phone with a crappy skin operate however you want

John Bousattout

Love it.

I get the Pixel launcher look on an LG G5 while keeping the DT2Sleep and DT2Wake.