Friday , June 8 2018

Google is celebrating Star Wars with discounts on Google Play

What’s the release of a major franchise movie without a little Play Store tie-in? If you’ve been waiting to grab some Star Wars movies, comics or books but were wanting a little discount now may be the time to buy.

In conjunction with the launch of Rouge One: A Star Wars story you’ll find an array of discounts on Google Play, Movies are about 35% off, comics are up to 7% off and there are varying discounts on selected books.

If you’ve still got your Google Play 50% discount movie offer you can actually get Star Wars episode 1 – 6 for $54.99 in HD. Of course one can assume the 18th remastered version on UHD will come out one day and then you can rebuy the whole lot, again!

Source: Google Play.

Duncan Jaffrey   Journalist

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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