Look, with a 13 second video, it’s hard to take away too much, but with this video from ASUS, they’re very clearly depicting an eye (or the iris, to be specific), and at an event where they’re widely expected to announce some mobile tech, it doesn’t take much to join the dots.

With this video, we’re speculating that ASUS will announce something with iris scanning technology built in. This isn’t a stretch; the technology has been released in consumer devices already — Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 finally included it — and it’s already rumoured for other upcoming devices too, including the Galaxy S8.

Could this be a sequel to the ZenFone 3? We’d suggest not, given the phone is only around six months old, but it could be a preview of what ASUS is working on.

More likely ASUS will reveal a follow-up to last year’s ZenFone Zoom, a photography-focused handset with a 5.5-inch screen which had a rather affordable price. This would certainly fit with the eye/iris motif as well, as photography is something perceived with ones’ eyes, after all.

The short story? Who knows what ASUS has planned? All we know for sure is it will be announced on January 4 during CES 2017, it’ll have some kind of Zen-branding, and Dan will be there to report on it.