We’ve been very excited about the ZTE Axon 7 since its announcement in May this year. Since then we’ve confirmed it’s coming to Australia, then available for sale online.

Now ZTE inform us that as of Mid January 2017 you’ll be able to buy either the Ion Gold or Quartz Grey variants of the ZTE Axon 7 in store at your local JB Hi Fi store for $699. After tomorrow you’ll no longer be able to order from the ZTE Australian site and the Axon 7 will be unavailable between then and when it goes on sale in JB. ZTE Australia has received feedback from consumers and has decided to keep the online sales available until the device is closer to being available in store, so if you wanted to grab an Axon 7 you can still get one on their site.

ZTE also confirms that the Axon 7 is definitely planned to get Daydream compatibility. This – along with the Moto Z – completely debunks the rumors that the Snapdragon 820 was not going to be compatible with Daydream VR from Google. SO if you’re looking for an affordable Daydream ready phone it looks as if the Axon 7 may just be the winner.

Finally, you can’t have Daydream without Nougat and we can confirm that testing of Android N has already commenced on international variants of the device. If the tests go well we could see Android 7.x coming to the Australian Axon 7 sometime around February 2017. This could well be ahead of other top end devices in the Australian market.

We’ve got a full review of the Axon 7 coming in the next few days so if you’re as excited about this device as we are then stay tuned for more goodies!

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USD399 = AUD 550, add GST and it’s AUD 600 or thereabouts…

ZTE want AU$699, thanks but no thanks.

Joshua Hill

$399 US RRP but readily available for $349 US and they want double that here, $699AU. Talk about an Australian tax!

If you shop around you can get an S7 or HTC10 for the same money.


To late to the party unfortunately – s7, HTC 10, P9 aren’t far off this price wise and 2017 phones will be announced a few weeks after the release!! Why would you bother.


So very late smh

James Bryant

Lol I tipped you guys off to this info ages ago hahaha


Most of the info posted on Ausdroid lately is old news. In fact, most of the items posted are posted on Android Police, Phandroid or GSM Arena two days earlier.


Yes, you did, but we had a query in with ZTE on a couple of the other points in the article, and we were waiting for their response.